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Spa Packages

Let the Relaxation Begin

Belly Love Package.png

Finding Balance - Bodyworks Signature Package

Balance is having the right amount - not too much or too little - which leads to harmony or evenness. Finding balance improves all aspects of your overall well-being. Our Finding Balance Signature Package is our way to deliver a customized, balanced treatment.

Belly Love Package.png

Distinguished Gentleman's Getaway

Enjoy our ultra-relaxing Healing Heat Renewal massage, designed to melt away muscle tension with a full body massage using compression, hot stones, deep tissue, and an infusion of orange and frankincense oils to help promote deep relaxation, and enhance meditation.

Belly Love Package.png

Belly Love

Prenatal massage is tailored specifically for mother and baby. Your massage therapist will assist in providing you some relief where your changing body needs it most.

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