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Spa Packages

Finding Balance - Bodyworks Signature Package

60 Min • 90 Min

$229 • $289

Balance is having the right amount - not too much or too little - which leads to harmony or evenness. Finding balance improves all aspects of your overall well-being. Our Finding Balance Signature Package is our way to deliver a customized, balanced treatment. Our Balanced Fusion therapeutic massage will alleviate physical and mental tension and stress. your glow from within will shine through and your skin will match your radiance. Our Balanced Glow facial uses Oxygen Infusion Therapy, nutrient-rich serums and concentrates with pure oxygen to create energy that assists skin cells to thrive. Essentially all living things need oxygen to create energy in their cells. Your skin will benefit from this treatment, leaving you with a healthy, and youthful appearance. Naturally Balanced, Naturally You!

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