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CBD Therapeutic Services

CBD Vital Relaxation

60 Min • 90 Min

$135 • $175

Induce deep relaxation and healing with our artisan - crafted, aromatic CBD massage. Infused with six pain - relieving herbs like arnica, ginger, and broad - spectrum organic hemp CBD. Settle into the journey beginning with a highly potent CBD and organic turmeric tincture that will help calm your mind before receiving your full body CBD massage, infused with arnica and ginger.

Our CBD massage is designed to promote long lasting relaxation and relieve pain associated with arthritis, sprains, and strains.

Approximately 175mg of CBD per treatment


150mg CBD massage oil
25mg CBD Restore Tincture (5ml Tincture bottle goes home with you for bedtime)
Hot towels applied to back & feet
Warm golden flax neck pillow

Good For

Long lasting relaxation


Long lasting relaxation, pain relief associated with arthritis, sprains, and strains

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