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Massage Pet Peeves

For many years I never really had any complaints about any bodywork I've received. I was always just so grateful to be receiving a massage. Well, there was that one massage in Amsterdam where the massage therapist jumped on my spine repeatedly that I thought she was going to break my back and her nails were so long that she left scratch marks all over my arms and back. I looked like Freddy Krueger got a hold of me. This was a well rated business yet what I received was something that left me confused. The past year I’ve noticed something about some of the massages I’ve received when traveling and noticed that I started to just stay quiet and not speak up like I normally would. I normally have no problem asking for what I want and speaking up but lately it seems I would rather just leave it and feel disappointed. I decided not to speak up because I liked the massage but I didn't feel they listened to me. It really bothered me because it made me think…I never want a client to leave Bodyworks feeling this way. Like how I felt, I didn't want to upset anyone because what I received was good, but maybe not what I really wanted.

As a massage therapist we always ask our clients what areas we need to focus on, if any, and a variety of questions to help us customize the massage to give you the best results. Lately my pet peeve has been no matter what I describe needs extra work they work on my back for nearly 90% of the session. I know this is a dream for many who only love upper body work but when you specifically ask for leg work, why is that being ignored?

What are some of your massage pet peeves? Too much talking, cell phone use during your session, not enough pressure, too much pressure, music not relaxing, an area of the body not worked that really needed it?

I would like to hear about your massage pet peeves and any experience you’ve ever had that was not so great. I would also love to hear about what has made a massage absolutely fantastic and left you feeling like it was the best massage you've ever received.

At Bodyworks we understand that listening to your needs and communicating is what helps us ensure we give you our best and a treatment you feel wonderful about. We’re never going to feel offended or mad if you ask us to change something or to spend more time somewhere else. We’re happy to get your feedback and do our best to achieve the best results.

So remember...

  • Speak up

  • Tell us what you don't like

  • Tell us what you love

  • We're here to give you 100%

Be Well,


Owner/Founder/Licensed Massage Therapist

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