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How we show our appreciation to you.

2/13/2020 Recently, we’ve had several clients comment on our services, and how there is always an extra level of care provided. We strive to make sure that each and every person who receives a service here, knows how important they are and how important their time is to us. We believe that small details matter just as much as the service itself, and that means that we like to think about more than just the time you are here with us. Massage therapy is a tool that is used to help promote relaxation, improve circulation, relax the mind and body, soothe sore muscles and so much more. The care that goes in to each session is to show our appreciation for you, as well as, ensure that you leave knowing that you are appreciated. We add aromatherapy scented hot towels for your back and feet, If needed, we also have warm flax seed pillows to help relax your muscles and warm you up, cool packs to aid in inflammation and essential oils can be smelled throughout our facility, all of this is done to make sure that your time here is peaceful, relaxing and restorative. We can’t wait to see you again, and wish you wellness. Bodyworks Tribe

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