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Health and Wellness

3/13/2020 0 Comments

Bodyworks of Perdido Key wishes you health and wellness. We want you to be aware of the measures that we take to maintain a welcoming, and clean environment. We also want to let you know about efforts that we have added to our cleaning practices. We strive to maintain a clean and inviting establishment. Proper hygiene and cleanliness are ALWAYS top priority at Bodyworks. We understand that there is increased concern regarding COVID-19 and have increased our already strict guidelines. If you, a family member, or someone in your close circle has experienced any “flu like” symptoms we will reschedule your appointment to a time at least 2 weeks from your appointment date. This is being done to protect our staff as well as all clients. We will reschedule your appointment if we feel that you are unwell. This is not an action that we are taking lightly. We want to take care of everyone, but we must act in the best interest of all that we come in contact with. The nature of our business requires close contact in a confined space. We simply cannot risk unnecessary exposure. Many of our clients fall under the “senior” category, though we see them as anything but seniors. Some have weakened immune systems, some are caring for others with weakened immune systems. We will do everything in our power to protect each of you. We also know that this may inconvenience some, we apologize in advance for that. We have a diverse clientele and we must protect everyone. Please know that we only want to ensure that everyone stays well and protected. If your service has to be rescheduled, we will do our best to give you suggestions to help with how to help you with your specific needs until your next appointment. What measures are we taking? We ALWAYS wash hands before and after services, but we have increased that to include sanitizing hands more frequently. We are also asking clients to wash hands prior to service. Hand sanitizer has been placed throughout the studio and we will be encouraging everyone to use it regularly. Added Measures: All door handles (exterior and interior) are being cleaned with disinfectant spray and or wipes after each client enters or leaves. Light switches, chairs, touch screens, pens, clipboards and any other items that are touched are regularly being disinfected. We appreciate you, ~Your Bodyworks Tribe P.S. - Don’t forget to wash your hands…frequently!

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