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Happy July!

Happy July! 7/1/2019 Have you ever had a cupping massage? This type of massage is performed with the use of glass or silicone cups that are used to gently lift the skin, muscle, and fascia into the cups by creating a vacuum. Our therapists may leave the cups stationary to allow blood to flow into the muscles and loosen them up. The cups are also actively used to gently massage and relieve tensions in the affected areas. This technique is highly effective in loosening stiff, overworked muscles and can be beneficial in reducing scar tissue. Will cupping leave marks? In some cases there may be light reddening (bruising) of the skin associated with cupping. These spots typically do not last long, in some cases a few days, but can last up to a few weeks. Discoloration of the skin is normal, depending on the health of the skin, some people may have more bruising than others. ~Brooke

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