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Essential Oils

2/20/2020 1 Comment Essential oils ignite your senses. Many scents can transport us back to a time in a moment or to a particular memory. The smell of pine trees can transport you back to that time you went to a Christmas tree farm with your family, and immediately, you have a feeling of comfort, or stress depending on your tree experience, lol. Essential oils can be used and enjoyed in a variety of ways. Applied topically, with a carrier oil (Almond, Coconut, Shea, etc.) Diffused, in a bath, or spritzed on bedding, or clothing. Aside from smelling good, essential oils are also therapeutic. The variety of oils is as diverse as effects that they can have. From mood boosters, to sleep enhancing, essential oils can help to calm you, focus you, inspire, remember, and much more. We use diffused essential oils in our studio to create a place of peace, and transformation. Lemon, orange, or lime may combine with earthy, frankincense to transition your mind and body for a serene experience. Each time you return to our studio, our uplifting, yet calming diffused oils makes you take a deep breathe and know relaxation is ahead of you.... Many people use oils to clean with, opting to forgo chemical based cleaners, essential oils can cut through dirt and help to make your house “naturally” clean, with the added bonus of elegant aromas. Lavender and Eucalyptus are a couple of the most well known oils. Their aromatics make it easy to use them in numerous ways, but what about some of the other oils out there. There is a variety of exciting oils to be discovered. Tea tree is an essential oil with a fresh menthol scent that has been used as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and for skin conditions like, eczema, dandruff, acne, and cradle cap. Some cultures believe that the scent of sandalwood can help maintain alertness, and focus during meditation. By inhaling the earthy aroma of sandalwood, messages are transmitted to the brain through the limbic system and create a physiological and an emotional response, typically a reductions in blood pressure. Sandalwood is also known to help with insomnia, anxiety, as well as mental alertness. Next time you want to relax, ease a headache, naturally fall asleep or just want your home to smell nice, go with the natural choice of essential oils. Headache Relief Sandalwood Happy Smells!

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