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Client Appreciation / USO / Community Appreciation

2/28/2020 0 Comments I opened Bodyworks of Perdido Key over six years ago. It was hard to imagine leaving my former cozy beach vibe studio but after 5 years in that location it was time to take the leap. I knew in order to better accommodate my growing clientele I had to grow as well. ​Let me first start off by telling you a little about my clients. Besides just being awesome human beings, many of my clients have been with me 6 plus years. I’ve had the pleasure of not only providing Bodywork for them but the entire family. There’s a great comfort in seeing my schedule for the day being husband, wife, daughter, son-in-law, aunts, and close friends. They have become family to me and we’ve been through a lot of aches and pains together in the muscular sense and in life. Many of them knew I would take this leap far before I did and encouraged me to do so. From the beginning of my massage career I always knew I wanted to have a space one day that people could come to and feel safe, cared for, and receive quality bodywork. One of my first jobs at a spa, the owner reminded me when I opened Bodyworks 2.0 about the day I came into her office and told her one day I would have a beautiful spa like this...nearly 15 years later I made it happen. I’ve had the honor to work with some amazing people throughout my career. Spa owners, Chiropractors, talented licensed massage therapist, yoga teachers, retreat organizers, military organization such as MWR and working with service members on their way to Iraq when I worked on Naval Station Rota, Spain. I attribute my success to the many people I learned from and the variety of organizations I immersed myself in to learn. Wellness comes in many forms and I wanted to be apart of all of them. Having grown up in a military family I know how strong that community is and also how important it is to have a group that is there for you when you need a little help. Many of us here at Bodyworks have been influenced by, and with the military, we've seen firsthand what life is like as a child, moving from place to place. In adulthood, we have experienced this incredible community as service members, friends, and family. We have all been drawn to support those who support our freedoms and liberties. For these reasons and many more, we have chosen to collect donations for the USO in our area. We are quickly approaching our 1 year Anniversary at our new location on March 6, 2020. I really wanted to do something to give back to our local community and our wonderful clients. With our area having such a large military presence, and many of our clients being active duty military, military spouses, retirees, or have a family member serving, we couldn't think of a better way to give back than to help our military members. We've got your back!!!! Throughout March we will be collecting items for our local USO. Your donation will make you eligible to win 3 months of bodywork with us, in the form of 3 bliss filled 60 minute massage sessions. In addition to being entered in our drawing, you will also receive 10% off your massage on the day of donation, through March 6th. -USO ITEMS NEEDED- Individually packaged snacks and drinks assorted chips - assorted nuts - crackers - donuts - granola bars - beef jerky - muffins - pop tarts - fruit cups- assorted candies - Mac-n-cheese - juices - canned soda - bottled water - chef boyardee - ziploc bags all sizes - clorox wipes - dish soap ​Thank you all for your amazing support of Bodyworks and that of our Military! ~Cindy

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