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Celebrating 10 Remarkable Years in Business

Over ten years ago Cindy embarked on a transformative journey to become not just a massage therapist, but a healer in the community she calls home.

A deep rooted desire to create joy and alleviate the pain of others became the two pillars that Bodyworks of Perdido Key would be built around.

Countless hours of training and dedication would eventually bring Cindy her first client and her first single room studio.

That single room studio would touch the lives of countless individuals until eventually outgrowing its own four walls and transforming into a five room wellness sanctuary and respite for the community of Perdido Key.

Over the last few years, Cindy’s role naturally transitioned into a business owner and a leader. Leading those who found the same fulfillment in knowing that they were making a difference in the lives of others.

While the path to get to 10 years has been bumpy, uneven and even jagged at times, the calling to bring joy and healing to those who need it has been a guiding light for her and her team.

As we reflect on the last decade this month, we are not only celebrating a business milestone, but a labor of love that honored the most authentic version of every person that has walked through our doors. 🙏🥹🥳

~ Stay tuned all month on our social accounts as we announce a very exciting giveaway that extends our gratitude even further and involves all of our followers and entire community! ~

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