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Celebrate Love


This year we wanted to focus our Valentine's Day offerings on unconditional love and acceptance to ourselves and others. When we open our hearts to love, self - acceptance, and receive positive energy, we feel at peace.

Made with LOVE just for you, a loved one, friends, and family.

We hope you enjoy! Click the link below to view our Valentine's Day services.


Additional Valentine's Day SAVINGS!

Cupids HydraFacial Glow

$20 off any HydraFacial

Valid through February 28, 2023

Status: It’s complicated

It doesn't have to be complicated!

Purchase a gift card for $200 + for your “Friend” and receive a $20 “We’re just friends” spa voucher from Bodyworks.

Must be purchased in-house to receive voucher - Valid through February 14, 2023

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