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10 Ways You Can Support Local Small Businesses

Here are 10 small but impactful ways you can support local small businesses.

1. Shop Locally: With the many unique small businesses in your area. Your purchases directly support small business owners, employees, and their families. When you shop local this also allows small businesses to give back to the community in which they serve through sports sponsorships, community food drives, and local charities. When you shop locally you help lift up an entire community!

2. Social Media: Give your favorite local businesses some social media love with a follow, like, share, and comments on posts. This can significantly increase their visibility without any cost to you! Social media is a wonderful way to get to know the vibe of a business and what they offer. Do you follow us on social media yet? Bodyworks is on Facebook & Instagram. Give us a follow!

3. Understand Pricing: Small businesses normally have slightly higher prices due to lower volume sales compared to big retail chains. Although you may pay a little extra, the customer service, personalized care, and quality of services and products often justify the price.

4. Word of Mouth: Your personal recommendations go a long way! Tell your friends and family about your favorite small businesses. Your referrals are appreciated tremendously! Take a look at our Referral Reward Perks at Bodyworks.

5. Buy Gift Certificates: What better way to compliment a small business by purchasing a gift certificate for a friend or loved one. They make great gifts and add to small business revenue flow. Purchase a gift certificate with Bodyworks here.

6. Leave Positive Reviews: Use platforms like Google, Yelp, or Facebook to leave positive reviews. By sharing your good experience with others, your positive review can attract more customers to small businesses. And since we’re talking about reviews…here’s our google link to share about your experience at Bodyworks. We truly appreciate you!

Here are some interesting facts:

Over 81% of consumers say they are likely to check Google reviews first

97% read reviews for local businesses

74% of consumers say that reviews increase trust in a company

7. Offer Constructive Feedback: By giving constructive feedback directly to the small business vs. leaving a negative review, you can help the improvement of policies and procedures to better improve the experience for all.

8. Learn about their Stories: Many small business owners have wonderful stories about why they started their business, how they started, and the journey of small business ownership. By learning about the personal journey, there is an added value to every purchase you make. Cindy Rodriguez, Owner and Founder of Bodyworks of Perdido Key has a story that will leave you inspired and ready to overcome any obstacle life throws at you with grace.

9. Support Online: Many small businesses also operate online. Support these businesses by shopping on their website or through their social media platform. Did you know if you can’t come to Bodyworks of Perdido Key we have an affiliate link for you to purchase Eminence Organic Skin Care? When you use our spa’s unique affiliate link, Bodyworks will receive 40% of your retail purchase! So for all our supporters from afar or locals that may be too busy to stop in. Shop our affiliate link here.

10. Be Kind: It’s easy to overlook the heart and soul behind small businesses. They are more than just services and retail; they are the dreams, drive, and passion of real people. When you choose to support small businesses, you’re supporting someone's courage to take a great big leap, and their dedication to build something unique and amazing on their own. Behind every small business, there’s a person or a family who has invested time, effort, and hope into their business. Being kind to small businesses means being patient and understanding. They may not have a large team and unlimited resources like big corporations. But they offer character and charm to our communities with that added customized care. Many small businesses know your families, celebrate milestones, and consider you not just a customer, but a friend. It’s the local way.

Your support for Bodyworks of Perdido Key fills me with immense gratitude and joy. When I started Bodyworks nearly 10 years ago my vision was to create a space where all felt welcomed and cared for through the power of massage therapy. That vision began to grow and flourished into the incredible space we have now. With an amazing team of wellness providers and a community that has fully supported our growth by allowing us to bring our version of self care to their everyday lives.

Thank you for supporting my small business.

Thank you for supporting my team.

Thank you for the genuine friendships made.

And lastly, Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to make a difference in how our community feels. It's always our hope that the joyful, healing experiences we create at Bodyworks of Perdido Key overflow into our neighborhood, community, and to each of you.

With appreciation,

Cindy Rodriguez, Owner & Founder

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