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60 Min • 90 Min

$107 • $137

Massage Cupping will pull the pain out of your tissues – the suction created by the cups encourages blood flow and this increased circulation assists in promoting healing and reducing pain.  We use a variety of silicone and medi-cupping to use moving cups to glide across the skin, and stationary placement for 5 - 10 minutes, depending on your specific needs. By releasing the lymphatic system and releasing toxins in impacted areas, massage cupping uses suction to soften adhesions, open up connective tissues, stimulate blood flow, promote relaxation, boost skin health, help treat respiratory issues and colds, and improve digestion.


Warm golden flax neck pillow
Hot towels applied to back & feet
Use of silicone cups or medi-cupping vacuum machine


Hand Revival $32
Sole Revival $32
Organic Stone Crop Back Treatment $32
Stress Relieving Scalp Massage $32

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