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60 Min • 90 Min

$107 • $137

This uplifting combination uses the power of essential oils with massage therapy. When combined, it can add an additional level of relaxation and healing. Your therapist will make a lovely massage oil blend based on your personal goals for the massage and use this customized blend on your skin. Massaging with essential oils can help improve circulation, relieve pain, reduce swelling, speed healing after injuries, restore function to the body, and release tension. You’ll experience heightened relaxation, enhanced mood, and positive emotional health, as certain scents can trigger positive memories and feelings which can contribute to improved emotions.


Warm golden flax neck pillow
Hot towels applied to back & feet
Oil infused with your custom essential oil blend


Hand Revival $32
Sole Revival $32
Organic Stone Crop Back Treatment $32
Stress Relieving Scalp Massage $32

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