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Heeling Soles

10/12/2020 0 Comments In the past weeks we have volunteered over 20 hours of Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage to our local community. The joy this has brought us to help each and every one of you is a true gift. We hope our “SOLES” brought you some much needed relief. Many of you expressed achy bodies from extensive cleanup, low back pain from debris pick up, tight shoulders from stress, feeling worn out from working longer shifts, and many had not received any form of therapeutic bodywork since the beginning of March when Covid emerged. We are honored that you felt comfortable coming to see us, sharing your aches and pains physically and mentally with us, and we hope you left us feeling renewed, de-stressed, and ready to take on whatever 2020 has left for us. Our Massage Therapist are nearing the end of their Ashi training sessions and will soon be Certified DeepFeet Barefoot Massage Therapist! This a huge accomplishment for all of them and you were a part of that. Thank you for your support in our journey of continued education to bring you more “HEELING” bodywork. Be Well, Cindy Owner/Founder/LMT DeepFeet Ashiatsu Instructor Yoga Lover

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