Natural Cosmetic Materials

75 Min


Ageless Monoi Summer Facial

What is Monoi?
Pronounced [mah - noy]
From the islands of the South Pacific, monoi is a traditional oil made from steeping Tahitian gardenias in coconut oil. This potent oil infuses skin with rich, rejuvenating hydration.

With its tranquil scent, monoi replenishes moisture and smooths skin to reveal a youthful glow. Our Ageless Summer Monoi Glow Facial is a summer must. After a day spent in the summer heat this potent oil infuses skin with rich, rejuvenating hydration, and focuses on the signs of aging. The added benefits of one of our super hydrating hydro jelly mask followed with a cold stone facial massage will reveal a youthful glow with endless summer radiance.

Cold Stone Facial Massage is performed using chilled, smooth marble stones to apply a wonderful therapeutic facial massage.


Reduces inflammation, redness, and facial tension lines

Helps with puffiness

Sinus tension relief

Tired eyes

Good for TMJ

Signs of aging
Skin Analysis
Double Cleanse
Hot Towels
Exfoliating Peel
Cold Stone Facial Massage
Hydro Jelly Mask
Eye Care
Lip Balm
Sun Defense
Scalp, Neck, and Shoulder Massage
Warm Golden Flax Neck Pillow
Oxygen Infusion $42 • BLT Eye Treatment $32 • Natural Lip Rescue $22 • Vitamin Infusion $22 • Organic Replenishing Hand Treatment $57 • Neck & Decollete Treatment $57 • Hand Revival $32 • LED Light Therapy $37 • Microdermabrasion $37 • Dermaplane $42 • Vitamin Infusion $22