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Our last week of 2020

12/28/2020 0 Comments

Whew...we made it! What a year it's been. Sometimes it's been hard to see it in the moment, but 2020 has been a huge gift for us at Bodyworks of PK. I feel like this year I learned more about myself, my business, and how important community support is than ever before in my life. We rolled through some tough changes didn’t we! We have felt so much love and support this year, through the opening and closing (and then reopening) of our doors, and adjusting to a new way of life. But through it all, you folks, our incredible community of clients, friends, neighbors, and supporters, have made this year unforgettable - in the best way! We could never express just how thankful we are in words that will do the feeling justice, but we hope you know that when you're not around, we miss you. And when you come in for a visit, we are quickly reminded of why we do this. It's all for you! We hope 2021 finds you in good health, happy, and with a heart full of love. Happy New Years! Cindy Owner/Founder/LMT

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