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Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy

1/31/2020 1 Comment

Our week has been full of so much excitement. We held our first Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy class in our studio. We hosted six students from all over the country that worked very hard to learn the wonderful art of working with their feet.

If you have never experienced Ashiatsu work with me, let me tell you a little more about this type of bodywork.

I normally get asked "Ashi what???" with a very confused look about what I do.

Ashiatsu is a Japanese word. The root word “Ashi” means foot and “Atsu” means pressure so together they symbolize “foot pressure”.

Inspired by ancient forms of Eastern barefoot techniques, Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy is a western adaptation of barefoot massage techniques. Therapists utilize their bodyweight and bare feet to apply a deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage. Gravitational force is combined with centrifugal and centripetal movements. Correct application will induce deep relaxation, decrease pain and inflammation and create structural change in chronic soft tissue damage. Parallel wooden bars are used above the therapist’s head for support, balance, and client safety. Lubrication is applied to the client’s body.

I've been practicing massage since 2004. What lead me to learn Ashiatsu was when I nearly injured myself trying to accommodate a client who wanted pressure I just simply couldn't get, but I tried and my body paid the price. I can give a great deal of pressure with my hands but everyBODY has it's limits. When I trained in Ashiatsu in 2014 it allowed me other ways to work smarter on my clients and use gravity to give 3 x more the pressure vs. traditional massage using my hands. It really was a no-brainer! My clients have loved my extra tools...aka my feet.

I'm not the only one benefiting from this amazing modality. To name a few client benefits of Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy...

  1. Less pain when receiving deep tissue massage. The feet cover a larger surface area and are more comfortable than pointy elbows and thumbs.

  2. Utilizing SLOW broad compressive movements induces deep relaxation quickly.

  3. Many of the movements help to elongate the spine. These movements dramatically stretch the shortened muscles along the spine, relieving muscular discomfort and opening up space in the the intervertebral foramen.

  4. increases blood/lymph circulation quickly which detoxifies the body at a much faster rate.

  5. It’s both relaxing and therapeutic at the same time, which makes it great for both spa or clinical settings.

  6. Less inflammation and soreness post massage compared to deep neuromuscular work.

  7. Clients receive more massage benefits in a shorter amount of time and maintain results for a longer period.

  8. The biggest benefit is that after a few treatments it will help improve the client’s posture and movement while relieving pain, improving bodily functions and creating a state of well- being.

I enjoy this work very much and that is what lead me into becoming an Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy Instructor. I'm currently an apprentice going through my training to teach other massage therapist barefoot massage. The first group we had was amazing. Seeing each of them get so excited to take their new barefoot skills back home to their clients is the most gratifying feeling. Helping to inspire these therapists to bring more ways to help others, makes me feel like I’m truly doing the good work I’m meant to do. I not only want to educate my students but educate my community and clients about barefoot massage and all forms of bodywork. After 16 years of practicing massage my love for it grows stronger each day that I get to help my students and clients. With love, Cindy

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