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30 Min • 60 Min • 90 Min

$62 • $97 • $127

Sports massage therapy is great for every kind of athlete. A blend of deep neuromuscular techniques with elements of Swedish and Acupressure are used to tailor the treatment to each active client's individual needs and athletic goals. Our goal is to aide our client with injury prevention and increased athletic performance. With this work you’ll feel freer and able to train better.

30 minute session: Spot treatment or one area of work.

60 minute session: Full body good for mostly relaxation, post-events, maintenance, or prevention massage during training.

90 minute session: Ideal for two or more areas of concentration and to give your body a little extra care. 


Warm golden flax neck pillow
Hot towels applied to back & feet
Cryotherapy as needed


Hand Revival $32
Sole Revival $32
Organic Stone Crop Back Treatment $32
Stress Relieving Scalp Massage $32

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